Who are your favourite GaGers for different topics?

Looks like GaG was a harsh for some this past day. Lots of crummy trolling, etc. Time to pat some people on the back and let them know what you think they're really good at.

Who are your go-to GaGers that you enjoy reading when it comes to specific topics? Who are the best ones for providing comedic relief? Who are the best ones when it comes to relationship advice? Any other topics you can think of that some GaGers excel at? We know who the nice ones are (lots of topics about them), I'm wondering who you think has strengths when it comes to actually helping out around the GaG Community in a practical way.


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  • @Ozanne I'd say you're pretty good at sticking to your guns. Not taking shit from people. Which is admirable in my eyes.


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  • @Paris13 my best advice giver and my listener to all my problems, also for knowledge regarding Catholicism πŸ’™

    @MissNowhere and @cinderelli for all the awesome quizzes

    @Ozanne the best takes writer ever, I love reading her takes


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  • I am too lazy to find topics on GAG and put people with them so I'll just put some great question/advice/comic relief givers I truly respect and admire...

    @Klaatu51. Makes cool 80s questions and introduces me to new stuff. His advice has gotten pretty great too. He answers stuff in the no opinions section, and not many people dare to do that. The answers I've seen break down the question too, which make it easy to understand the meaning.

    @MissNowhere. For questions, I've seen some emotional quizzes and some weird ones. I've also seen some serious answers, and some funny answers (I'm looking at all your questions, penis-size questions askers xD). Is a cool cat to get into comment conversations and stuff with and blow up the OP's notifications. Also a lover of dogs and has cool gifs. Makes my day a lot better when I have a conversation with you :D

    @Zell0is0my0name : Lately, I've been seeing some pretty deep questions that get you thinking. Pretty great stuff if you ask me. Also very kind in her answers and overall :D

    @Ozanne : I don't see tons of questions from you, but I see tons of great advice and takes. In fact, I think you may be favorite take creator (that I know of) on GAG. Sound advice. It's also great that you are willing to put in the character count to write a complete answer. I often see you in relationship-style questions giving advice, but I think you give great advice in general :D

    @AleDeEurope : Dude, I haven't spoken to you much at all, but I must say, you give great answers. Concise enough for the average leader, but long enough to be filled with useful info. And don't worry, I can get over the fact that you pour your milk before your cereal lol 😁

    @MrOracle : I mean, your MHO count speaks for itself. Your advice is spot on and sounds very professional in the way it is written. You seem very wise. When I see an answer from you, I make sure to read it in its entirety. Great stuff :D

    @Illusive_Man : You are funny af and you are the doppelganger of my one friend. If I'm having a bad day I can always count on your answers to make laugh xD Not to mention you are a fellow sad keanu meme maker lol

    Last on my list, but CERTAINLY not least is @YourFutureEx : Dude, you give some well thought out answers. I swear I see you on the "Top MHO% for the week" board every other week xD It makes sense though because I've seen some organized, logical, and well structured opinions. No wonder why you keep on the top MHO% board :D

    Crap outta charactersπŸ˜“

    • thanks man :)
      another reason i post in no-opinions section's to chase down... u know who :D

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    • @Klaatu51 I don't think I'd do something like this. But I think they'll take away this themselves. It'd all depend upon my schedule.

    • Omg, you mentioned me! Yayyy my fav gagger mentioned me.
      Thanks, dude, have a niceeee day :)

  • I wouldn't really have favourites for each topic - I might pay attention to what certain people say because I find them interesting - I might point a user in a certain person direction who I feel as extra knowledge in th area.

  • @cl_517: always asks great questions and random ones lol
    @klaatu51:very funny and comments on almost any question
    @justbanANNAz: She is very honest and isn't afraid to call someone (anonymous or not) out on a generalization question or opinion for that matter in a respectful way.
    @phoenix98:always very smart and knowledgeable on many topics.
    @CHARismatic110:also asks very interesting questions that tend to get very popular answers.

  • @myfutureex -g@g topics
    @lifescurveball - technology topics
    @CHARismatic110 - books and movies
    @klaatu51- 80's music


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  • @Ozanne, Always Great Questions and Great work at your own detective work. xx

  • @Knight1986 for amazing love story!

    @Omar5881, @YazanAA, for knowledge
    @Zoooot for grammer. I actually became concious of it.
    @OrdinaryGentleman for songs

    And add humor.

    Oh and @GirlsaskGuys to share my happiness!

  • *Sexual Behavior/Health - forgot the name, but he has an avi of him in blue and white boxer shorts
    *Relationships - Stacyzee and Paris
    *Comedy - grumpycat
    *Content - Tromba and Stacyzee

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