How long does your account stay Frozen for?

It's been a day already and it's still Frozen.


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  • As long as admins don't review your account, it'll stay frozen for about maximum of 2 days.

    By reading your comments, I think you're frozen for spamming.
    You should reach to level 2 so that you could message yourself. It takes 150 xper points to reach it.

    Good luck :)


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  • It depends how long the admins have decided time out needs to last.

    • Herp derp this is what I get for answering at 4 am my bad.

      When an account is frozen you just have to wait until an admin has the time to investigate why the account was frozen etc... so there's really no set amount of time

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    • How many Xper points do you need to get to level 2?

    • @asker this rule was made in order to avoid creeps actually... but still not enough :(