How do you become a mod on here?


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  • Be a regular user.
    Post well written/helpful opinions.
    Post popular/good questions.

    And have a very good report/flag success ratio.

    If you want to know more
    you can read from our FaQ

    Look for "How do I become a GirlsAskGuys Moderator?"

    Any particular reason that you're
    thinking of becoming a Moderator? ^.^


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  • I think you need to keep giving your opinions regularly, be active and then it will be up to the admin to consider you making a mod or not. I think so.

    • Ohhhhhhh, I see Now, Meow,, @TheGrumpyCat, but tis my job sweet cat and I cannot pussyfoot around about it. lol:)) xxoo

  • Please make me a moderator too, so that i could rule over gag and delete all the useful posts (especially by @paris13) that are helping other people very much.

    • @TheGrumpyCat, than you for mentioning me... I was Offered the Kind Position a year ago here when Sparrow was on (I do not think she is on anymore) But I turned GAG down, for I didn't want to seem Obligated, told GAG I just enjoy coming here when I want and if I see anything I can always turn to my bud @Klaatu51 for much support to deal with Anyone. Thank you again, my Pur-fect pussycat for the great plug.:)) xxoo

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    • @paris13 thanks :) :D ya got plenty of free-time... and it helps ;)

      @thegrumpycat well as long as u don't spam on serious questions like HER... then everything's fine :)

    • Yes, with my Home Health aid Job, @Klaatu51, I can help if I see anything. lol:)) xxoo

  • I think your reporting rate and success rate of your reports are probably most important.

  • be semi regular. Report shit that needs to be reported. Dont report things that dont break the rules because if you do then you have a shitty record. A shitty report ratio does not lend itself to becoming a mod.

    • sometimes there r things dat they don't break GAG's rules (technically)... but in fact they do.

      wot about those ppl? let 'em on da loose?

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    • @Klaatu51 its been happening for years

    • ya but it should change in my opinion... can't be continued anymore

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  • "How do I become a GirlsAskGuys Moderator?

    We extend the invitation to become a Moderator to our top users who create quality content on the site. Reporting content against site rules and achieving a high success ratio in reporting is also very important.

    You can become a top user by logging in regularly, posting interesting, informational, and useful Questions/myTakes, as well as offering Opinions to other users. By doing so, you will accumulate Xper points. After you have shown a pattern of posting Questions and/or Takes and sharing your Opinions (showing your ability to communicate clearly, give sound advice, and offer valuable information) and have made yourself a regular user on the site, we will consider you as a Moderator. Once you have done this, please contact us.

    Hint: The success rate of a user's reports is an important criteria to be selected as a Moderator. You can report unsuitable content by clicking on the gray flag from any post. All reports are evaluated by the admins and the success rate on reports by every user is calculated by the system automatically. A user with a high percentage of success rate on reports is more likely to get a Moderator invitation"

    That's what the faq says about it.