What is your trademark?

Sorry no buzzfeed quiz here

What is it people see that identifies you as you on GAG?

For me, it's my ridiculous levels of sarcasm and dark humor


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  • Perhaps the way type.

    I'm not even sure
    myself, why I do it..

    My guess is, that I find easy
    on the eyes, to read it like this.

    And of course, there's the way
    I typically end my posts.. with a: ^.~

    • Yeah, now when I see your writing I pretend I'm reading something similar to a haiku. LOL xo

    • @Ozanne
      I'm glad to hear that. ^.^

      I generally don't read too many MyTakes..
      perhaps I should look through yours, if they're
      what you're known for. ^.~

      Do you have any recommendations
      as to which of your takes I should look at?

    • Hmm.. I'm not sure. You can browse through the titles and see if one catches your attention. I wish the Takes could be categorized by topic on here on our profiles.

  • Oh I love dark humor :D

    IRL Im known for being fair. It can be my best friend, it can be my girlfriend, basically anyone! I would never take the side of someone knowing that what they said isn't right or what they have done to someone isn't right. And the whole School knew that, thats why I was often the "Judge" if someone had a problem and they used to let me decide who was wrong. Yeah, you can tell I didn't have much friends because of that since nobody wants a friend who wouldn't stand behind you even tho you're wrong. But I only needed 1 so its alright. Also they could never say "you only say he's right because he's your friend".

    And I dont know what Im known for here, Im way to new for that. Maybe Im the guy who always writes tons of text because he can't fight the urge to tell the whole story. Lol..

  • I don't think my personality or opinions are very unique so I guess I'll say my profile pic.

  • I have no idea...

  • The stupid extra poll options I sometimes put in questions.

  • That would depend on who you ask I suppose.

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    • You tattooed a poem about her on yourself? o_o
      No wonder this is a lost cause for me. 😢

    • @Ihav2fart -shakes head- no I wrote one for her on paper, the imortalized thing is a qoute about how when you write about someone on paper, then they have become imortalized in ink in the same way a peson has when a portrait of them has been painted in a way they are imortalized, they will always be remembered.

  • My food questions, Disney questions, plus my willingness to reply to almost everyone who comments.

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  • I'm the pizza guy

  • My "give no fucks" attitude. I'm constantly on here saying what I want.

    • I actually like that attitude

      People need to stop being bitches and accept some different opinions

    • I upset a lot of people on here lol.

    • Well they need to stop being bitches