Which color back ground look better?

Well, This is some color backgrounds on my phone, When I visit GAG home page, In your opinion which color back groud more look better with GAG? I prefer, the last one transparent !

1 White Normal Color And Green
Which color back ground look better?

2 Blue And Pink

3 Gray And Transparent

  • White (Normal Color)
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  • Blue
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  • Green
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  • Pink
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  • Gray
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  • Transparent
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  • Not sure if it is transparent... Looks black to me XD I love the black one... It's interesting, looks way better.
    All of them are cool, except for the white one, it is the regular one lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • I also use UC browser. I use transparent background because it's cool and darker background saves battery (on LED screens) and most importantly, it's good for eyes. It keeps the person, refreshed. And it's recommend in night :)


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  • I liked nr. 2, but I think it should be used during the day
    and then have mr. 3 be used, during the late hours.

    A darker screen is more easy on your eyes and mind
    the short time before going to sleep.

    Since bright screens is causing
    stress to build up, when the hours gets late.

    I personally liked
    the "transparent" option.

    • Well said, Very smart descriptionใ€‚ I also like the transparent !

  • You know what? I like the transparent one. Reading with a black background is easier on the eyes, and better for your battery life. :-D

    • Hi5 with you bro, I like the transparent too, Unfortunately that browser, consuming the battery very quickly, No matter what colour you used. But black background is useful for day time

  • I am used to the white now so would probably stick with that.

  • White is cleaner.