Can you actually report people for being disrespectful in their REPLIES on given opinions?

Like when That person asks a question
You try to help, and they suddenly get mad at you and stuff?

Mweh I didn't even notice the flag
-fail of the day-


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  • You can report someone for any reason you want, however, the post will only be removed if it genuinely violates the posting guidelines. If someone is being antagonistic or offensive, then click the grey flag icon in the top corner of their opinion/opinion comment and it will be reviewed. You can review the posting guidelines here:


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  • I was on this site ages before I noticed half the stuff - Don't worry you just pick it up as you go along

    • I'm glad there's always someone willing to help out,

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    • Joined somewhere in June, left at July, back a few days ago :p

      Soooo probably not, I was just a noob taking a look on what this was about

    • Thats okay - I am glad you came back

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