Help GAG removed my opinions?

They were removed for being antagonistic when they were clearly just my opinions. Can I get them reinstated? Will this affect my chances of being a moderator in the future?


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  • Help GAG removed my opinions?
    -- Check the guidelines :-

    Can I get them reinstated?
    -- Yes, of course. Give your sentences in front of admins. Tell them you weren't being antagonistic and why they should reinstate them. They'll do it if they deem it right :-
    It worked for me. I explained it well and I understand their guidelines. Contact them if you really think that you didn't violate the guidelines.

    Will this affect my chances of being a moderator in the future?
    -- Not really unless you had so many posts removed. A few posts of mine have been removed but still I am Uber Mod 8) Be positive, stay positive

    Good luck :)


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  • Can I get them reinstated? No, you can't. Admins made their decision to remove them for a reason, they're not gonna be reinstated.

    Will this affect my chances of being a moderator in the future? If you don't have like hundreds of removed opinions/questions, probably not. My opinions got/get removed all the time and as you can see I am a mod.


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  • If you had opinions/comments removed, it's most likely
    because you in some way or other violated the guidelines.

    If you haven't read them before, you can
    find them here:

    Having your opinions taken down will not have an effect
    on whether you can become a moderator in the future
    unless you have a longer record of violations.

    I've had posts of my own taken down
    although that is a long time ago.

    I'll suggest you read through the guidelines
    it'll take no more than 2 minutes. ^.^

  • if they were removed for a strong reason. I don't think your comments would be reinstated, you may request, but I don't think it will happen, all you can do is be careful and keep the community rules in mind while you post any opinions in future.

  • You can ask why they were removed and argue your case - I had a good few removed and still was offered mod.

  • haha this happens to me all the time, nothing can be done about it, they wouldn't put up your opinions again...

  • no, and unless you get too many than no


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  • No. I've had opinions removed before and I'm still a mod. Don't sweat it.

  • Were you maybe bring disrespectful and offensive for no reason to other users? Manners cost nothing after all.

    • No they were strictly my opinions, I didn't intend to come off as antagonistic.

    • Sorry maybe your right but there very rude lady that goes by Esplore that just insults people eho disagree with her views. It actually comical.