Who is a GAGer on here that you feel like gives great advice and is very helpful?

Feel free to tag them and say why you feel like they are a great GAGer.

Here's my list of helpful GAGers:

@BrieLove and @Ashely_princess- Two of the youngest GAGers on here yet both have risen in the ranks and have been very helpful and active.
@CHARismatic110 Always gives great advice and posts wonderful mytakes with valuable information.
@Klaatu51 He is the master of GAG. He knows the ins and outs of this website and has answers to any problem like a pro.
@Bellegirl21 One of the sweetest and kindest GAGers on here. Isn't afraid to stand for her beliefs
@Paris13 One of the wisest GAGers who has experienced life and can give good insights to any GAGer.
@justbanANNAz Very blunt, honest, and straightforward. Isn't afraid to tell it like it is.
@Phoenix98 A great guy who can give great insight and advice on most anything.
@Genie23 Very sweet and helpful will answer almost any question
@TheGrumpyCat he is always good for a chuckle even though he is always grumpy
@OrdinaryGentleman great questions and will always help a GAGer out who needs it.


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  • @Klaatu51, My Master of his Domain who has Great Insight in Everything and with Everyone he comes across.
    @smahala1991, my Newest new friend who Gives Out Great Questions and Knowledge as well.
    @Coolbreeze, my dearest friend and New GAG hubby, who I love talking with and sharing ideas and all sorts of great chemistry with here on GAG.
    @YourFutureEx, I never can forget you, for without you here, dear, GAG would be dull for sure.
    @skykidx1 is Most wonderful friend till the end who without Him, I would Not enjoy GAG quite as much, his daily presence makes my day.
    @OrdinaryGentleman, who Has amazing Takes and Questions and just wonderful advice for young and old.
    @TheGrumpyCat you are most amazing and never a dull moment with everything you Put in
    @JustinCaseUDontKnow You are my Special friend till the end. I love you for being a straight shooter and never being anything but Honest and I respect all of your answers as well that are Most helpful.
    @Hans222, you Have Great Questions and are a great friend and i love you for being most caring and sharing.
    @TheGrumpyCat No Pussyfooting, Honest John.
    @watcher617x, you are my newest friend and so very sweet, you have wonderful ideas.
    @Yesits_GalaxyHotChoc, who is on vacation but never far away from GAG or from my heart.
    @complic8ted who is a dear friend and contributes when she needs help and is willing to Give help if someone would need it here.
    @cl_517, I love her, she is amazing and so honest and was there for me one nite when I needed someone and was also my good luck charm. She gives great input and always throws out there Great Questions.
    @Genie23, without her precious face and wonderful answers and being so honest, GAG would be lost without her.
    @PrettyRican, I love you, cos.. You are in my heart and I never forget someone who Contributes so much and has so much love in her own heart.
    @Ashely_Princess, you are growing well into GAG and are becoming not only a wonderful friend but a Great asset as well here, dear.
    @mithrammittu, you are so dear to my heart, you share wonderful thoughts and I am honored to be your friend till the end.
    @mskay, I love you my friend, You are so smart and loyal and a Great Asset on GAG and I see you going very far in life.
    @mooky06, no matter how busy, you always make time to come around and say Hi and show Great initiation on GAG.
    @cinderelli without You there would be boring days on GAG without your amazing Input.

    • @mithramitzmittu

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    • @Paris13 thanks a lot again. Yeah we got their with hard work and effort. Even though I feel you give better advice then me. lol 😎xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • lol...@coolbreeze, if there is an economic crash with this wall Street that is looming and dooming, will we care except to know how to be Wise in having Prepared? lol:)))) xxxxooo

  • thanks Stephen. ur great with advice urself.

  • @Aizou !!!

  • I nominate myself.

    There are other good gaggers as well though.

  • I usually see @KDA20 post a lot of thoughtful, in-depth answers, so I like him :)

    • Obviously there are so many others, he's just the first one that came to mind :P

    • Very true he's is one of the most helpful of the over 40 gagers

    • Thanks for mention but as you say there are loads on here whose input is very valuable

  • @maskofinsanity
    Many others too

  • they are some who give very good advice.. can't tag them all..

  • i said some names in another question but i'll add some new ones here:
    aizou and miserybusiness

    i won't tag though...

  • Thanks buddy!

  • Omg, Smahala1991 You're always so nice and you always makes me smile. Thank you :) <3

  • @Paris13 is the TOP one on this site that gives GREAT advice.


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