How long do I have to post my next myTake before the Editor status goes away?

I've been awarded the Editor status recently woooho but the thing is I'm really busy right now so I can only work a bit on my myTake. I think it will be done 2 days from now, I was awarded the status 2 days ago.

I know there is a time limit but does it get effected if I have a draft saved?

@Ozanne Do you know by any chance?


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  • Hi QuestionMan :)

    There isn't really a time limit. We only ask that Editors try to write and publish at least 2 myTakes per month in order to keep their Editor status. So, you should have plenty of time :)


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  • You can only write three myTakes every 24 hours. If you have one more waiting in the wings, it will go to straight to your Drafts, but you can only have 3 published within 24 hours, and one draft at a time waiting. The other nice thing about Drafts is that if your computer crashes or the site crashes, it's an auto save in your Drafts.

    I usually write all mine on Word and save them and just copy/paste after my 24 hour time is up if I think of it at the time. I like that Word can auto correct silly things that I might have missed whereas GaG doesn't do that.

    Having your Takes promoted right away is always nice, and it's an easy 50 Xper, and if they continue to be good, then they will usually be Featured within a few hours too giving you an extra 150 per Take. So when I wrote three Takes a day (the maximum) for a while, I was earning 600 Xper per day on top of all the other GaG activity. It's pretty much why I'm at Guru now while only having 2824 opinions commented on to date.

    • Sorry I guess I should have answered your question... duhh...

      You need to be active on GaG and to at least contribute two mTakes per month.

      I am going to be going on a GaG break and sent a message to them asking them to keep my Editor status and they said they couldn't because they expect Editors to write at least two per month and asked if I could at least log in to do that while I'm gone. And if not, they would remove my Editor status, but when I returned, they said they would give it back. I hope that helps.

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