On a scale of 1 to 9 (lives) how dead is grumpy cat right now?

I am really sick so I have nothing better to do at 3am...
The Battle... Ensues.. @Anon1999 @Bellegirl21 @toad-1 @Genie21 @TheGrumpyCat @Mistnigqa808 @cavmanier
And so it begins..

@cavmanier *drills a hole in the bottom of Grumpy cats raft* *raft sinks*
*Grumpy cat gets into life raft* "You shall not stop me from getting compliments!", he stammers. As cold water drips off his silky fur.
@Bellegirl21 : here kitty kitty *shaves tail*
HE IS LOSING MOMENTUM! grumpy cat is now really hating life more than he has ever hated anything before!
We conttinue firing at him... he can't take it anymore!
On a scale of 1 to 9 (lives) how dead is grumpy cat right now?
He fakes us and makes us feel sorry... it works!

*SHOOTS @Anon1999 * We have LOST a GAG member!! Man down! Que sad music!

TANGO DOWN! Finally Grumpy is finished... BUT where did he go?

*Hears voice of angels*...*Hates it*

Lol JK... @TheGrumpyCat

THIS WAS A TRIBUTE TO @Anon1999 Who will be leaving GAG soon, he will be missed and best of luck my friend :)

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  • WTH is going on
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  • I wish I was one of the cool kids
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  • You know what? Potato
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  • You should tag a lot of people to see this
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  • I am now going to have some hot chocolate, later:)
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