Can we get MHO now after 3 opinions posted only even if not 24 hours have passed?

It happened to me today, I got MHO after 3 opinions being posted within 3 hrs…not dat I complain of course LOL…just wonderin :)


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  • Yes, it's been like this for a while now. A question needs to have at least 3 opinions -OR- 24 hours must pass before they can select a MHO. This information is in the FAQ as well :)

    • i see.. although tbh i kinda disagree wid it since many users tend to pick MHO after 10 mins question was posted... and now they'll do even quicker :(

      anyway thanks :)

    • Asker - I have to agree with you. too many people are picking MHO within a few minutes and often they are pretty poor opinions. I have actually seen the askers tell people that their would have been selected if the Asker had not already picked one. I let a few days go by to select all of mine. Heck, if you don't wait at least 24 hours, then there will be all kinds of people who will not yet have the opportunity to be heard from. Just wrong.

    • @Red_Arrow personally i always wait 24 hrs till i pick MHO :)
      unless if it's a question like "whoever finds da correct answer first gets MHO"... then it's pointless to wait in my opinion :)

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  • Even before the change I saw people giving out MHO within the hour. I think I got one within 15 minutes of the question going up.

    • but how many opinions did this question have when u got MHO within 15 mins?

    • *shrugs* p sure I was the only girl but I don't remember the rest

  • I'm so late, I didn't even know you could do that, lol :P


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  • I think since MHG - All the rules have gone - It will probably take a while for site to reintroduce rules.

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