Who are your favorite and most funniest GAGer's here?

@Paris13 @Cinderelli @Genie23 @Anon1999 @vishna @Berty @TheGrumpyCat @Noneofyourbuisness @can'tbelieveIamstillwritingthis @justbanANNAz @Kay211 (when she is not whining) @mskay @GiftShop (because she's good friends sister and she was weird) @complicated_soul @YourFutureEx

  • Thug Lyfe I chose
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  • Life is all about perspective. The sinking of the Titanic was a miracle to the lobsters in the ship's kitchen.
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  • I would be the guy falling through the center of the ship when the titanic crashed\
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  • I know you want it... I know I may or may not have it after taxes.
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  • Sometimes we must accept that there is no milk in life and we must eat a bowl of cereal with a fridge... wait...
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Oh yeah baby! I WILL!


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  • @OrdinaryGentleman I just Now saw this and thank you so much? lol I have to laugh, for the First thing that came to me just Now Is: "Do I amuse You?" Joe Peshi to Ray Liotta in Goodfellas when Tommy was busting Henry's goalies one nite in front of his cronies. LOL
    Along with my Infamous funny friend @OrdinaryGentleman and a Great guy indeed on GAG, I would have to Add:
    As a few of My funny and amazing friends that make me laugh and also make me smile. xx


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  • I would tag people, but I feel like I've tagged them so much lately on questions. I don't want to bother them again. ๐Ÿ˜…

    • I hear @dangerDoge doesn't want to tag anymore

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    • Can I have a pop tart? I have potatoes

    • Thanks for MHO. I'd give you a poptart if I could.

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