Which is the best idea for my next myTake?

I have a couple of ideas and would like to put them to a vote to see which one is the most popular.
I will most likely end up doing all of them eventually but I will go by the most demanded ones first.
"I like all of them" is not an option so please choose one.

@Ozanne @OpenClose @Phoenix98 @atomique @Omar5881 @thegingersnap16 @Derpyy @smahala1991 @justbanANNAz @musicbrain5 I'd like you're guys opinions.

  • Radicalization: How radicals ruin a good idea (feminism, atheism, LGBT rights)
    Vote A
  • Don't judge others: you have no idea why they do what they do @Oxi112094 thanks for the inspiration
    Vote B
  • Analyzing Donald Trump: a look at all the things he says without a liberal bias
    Vote C
  • The misunderstood Russia: What the Western media isn't telling you (me playing devil's advocate and coming to an unbiased conclusion))
    Vote D
  • Other (please specify)
    Vote E
  • I don't read myTakes
    Vote F
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I've already started on the Russia one. It's going to take a few days though and it will be pretty long.


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  • definitely B. reading your take on judgement would be interesting and i think it's the most needed topic here.

  • The left needs to read your Donald trump but they will just resort to ad hominence

    • That's pretty much with any opinion that isn't leftist. When I say I'm against calling the union of homosexuals as marriage they don't even listen to my arguments and just label me a bigot.

  • I greatly like hearing about other cultures and becoming a bit enlightened on their customs and traditons. Throw in unearthed conspiracies, too!

  • Voted B, sounds cool.

  • Do all of them-one every few weeks! :D cuz they all sound interesting

    • I've already started on the Russia one it will take a while since I have some stuff going on IRL that is more important.

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