What are some changes you would like to see on here on GAG in the future?

Personally I would like to see a age specific option for asking questions such as: Under 18,18 to twenty five, twenty six to thirty five, thirty five to fifty, and fifty plus. Plus I would like to see A food and drink topic, A travel topic, and a makeup and beauty topic. What other changes would you GAGers like to see?


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  • Like Anpu I would want to see a more phone friendly GaG

  • My clear-cut number one feature, is for the soon-to-be mobile app, to have live push notifications to simulate live-chat, like our ever-so-missed Meebo chatting system we used to have here! All the #GaGVeteran s can relate to this! ;-)

    After reading some questions here, the feature of having a search bar for our own questions, opinions, and messages would be super sweet to have.

    P. S. No age restrictions will NEVER happen here. Teens are the primary market, initiating any new feature that would alienate them would be a stupid business move, and the GaG team is smarter than that! :-P

    • I ain't meaning it to alienate them, I am meaning it for safety reasons

    • Safety? If any dude gets too frisky she can always block him

    • that's true, but I'm talking about keeping younger ages safer in terms of sex offenders, Pedophiles etc...

  • More GaG cuties ☺️☺️☺️

  • A podcast. Let's do it.

  • I hope the Administrators do not give the rights to the users to be a mod. Because when the users have the rights, They will abuse their power to some people they don't liked and Protect those people they liked. Abuse of rights is the worst thing on GAG.
    As for new functions , They can add anything they want, Users no right to make a change.