Will gag have a virtual game where people come here to hang out , sit at the bar, play pool and play games?

And people 's identity or user name account be erased if they wish to obsolete their virtual life after 30? Since 20-30 is considered ancient beyond hope? Ok I'm basing the ageist culture here 😇

  • i can't date in real life... gag would serve me a second reborn life
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  • no body wants me
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  • no way, fuck, its like living as a ghost
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  • i wouldn't mind... too much time on my hands
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  • i love gag forever
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  • gag is my baby... hell ya
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  • Thats kind of weird... Virtual reality isn't a good way to live your life. :o

    • people come here in gag like they need oxy
      why not take it to the next level? Gag needs to think big if they want to last long term.

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    • Also why a virtual bar when i can go to my own work place and get free drinks on the house and real people in the flesh to talk to? XD

    • U seem to be here a lot... You might as well get a virtual drink here.

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  • That would be the stupidest thing to make a game out of

  • I don't drink, replace the sitting at bar with ball and we good lol


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