Should all of our upvotes get a point, no matter if they're from the asker or someone else?

How about subtracting points for downvotes as well?
Or would that be too much and we just forget about the whole thing?


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  • I don't think site could afford it and easy for a Xper grapper. Get 10 people together going from question to question upvoting each other leads to 10 people getting 1,000 Xper a day at least.

    • Buuuut - aren't people working on here smart enough to realize the scheme and stop it?

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    • I think it is safest as it is - Maybe in future points for all upvotes and subtractions for downvotes

    • Yeah, sounds fair. =)

      No problem.

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  • That would be awesome :)

  • I suppose yes because if something does not work for the asker might necessarily work for others. And if that is the case it is good. But that way another problem arises. Gaining points would become too easy for some and people might start making fake account even more often.

    • How about subtracting points for downvotes as well?

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    • I agree, but don't they arise now as it is?

    • But you don't get much fakers by doing this. What they can do at max is waste time first logging in and make a question. Than log in with the other account and make a comment. And than come back again and upvote the answer. This way they will lose interest and just be wasting time trying to get points.

  • bit of a blonde question, but what is an upvote and how does it happen or get done?

  • Nope


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