Im curious as to why on this website?

people need approvals on the pics they post, as if what we say will make a huge difference if you alreayd know the answer.

I mean I had seen posts like Tell me Im a fat or thin and then they post a pic, or Tell me if my hair is pretty, What do you think of my legs, or my boobs, or what do you all think of my clothes, or do you thnk this person is pretty or not. and then when a a poster say something different than what you expect the person complains, so then dont post pics and ask for opinions.

Sorry but this is lame to come to a site to ask for opinion on your apperance and then upload pic to seek approval as it will make a huge difference in your life what we think of you. At the end you will do as you please and our opinions won't make that big difference cause there will always be agreements or disagreements.


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  • Not everyone is surrounded by positive re-enforcement, so they come here to seek validation. It's a lot easier to ask a neutral online community for opinions than it is to ask your peers.

    A lot of the users deemed "attention whores" are not always aware of how "good looking" they are to the opposite sex or if they have low self esteem.. they come here to get some compliments to feel better? Or maybe they are narcissistic a-holes.

    Whatever the reason maybe... i give them the benefit of the doubt. Usually younger girls have no clue how attractive they are until they get older and enough creeps bother them to where "getting attention" is no longer a want but a burden.

    Guys however.. i think as guys we get 1-2 genuine compliments a year from non-strangers.. so if you see a "how do i look" from them... it's because they honestly have no idea.
    - Women don't compliment guys because it usually sparks un-wanted attention and guys don't give guys compliments.


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  • I think it does help some people who have low self confidence or someone celebrating losing weight - You can always ignore questions or block topic if it annoys you.

  • Well, getting an opinion about themselves in important for some people.

  • They want people in real life to like them but can't seem to find anyone. Or in case of physical appearances they think that it is all about the looks but it is really not the case. Otherwise only the most beautiful or physically attractive people would get married and everyone else just die alone.


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