What should I do my next my take on?

I have an idea to write a couple future mytakes. I have five ideas in all. 1. Comparing the top candidates for the 2016 election. Such as Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders vsJeb Bush etc... Idea 2 is another food/recipie idea for holiday treats. Idea number 3 is for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas. Idea number 4 is A look inside the real Southern US without any bias or racial predjudice. Number 5 is A book or movie review of a recently released movie or book. @thegingersnap16 @justbanANNAz @CHARismatic110 @klaatu51 @QuestionMan @phoenix98 @Ozanne, and @atomique since you all are fellow common mytake writers I would also like yall's opinions on which of the 5 I should attempt a mytake on. However I will also go with the most votes.

  • #1 Comparing the top 2016 Presidential candidates
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  • #2 Holiday treats recipes/ideas
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  • #3 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas
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  • #4 A real look inside the Southern US.
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  • #5 Movie or book review.
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After much consideration i have decided I will be doing mytakes: 2,3, and 5! Food seems to be a hot topic. And with Halloween, Thanksgiving (Canada/USA), Christmas, Boxing day (Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand) and other Winter holidays coming around the corner the holiday season is going to be a major topic, so I will at least do 3 or 4 my takes centered around the holiday season.


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  • I voted A - For the international Gagger we are going to hearing these names to varying degrees for next 14 months, it might be nice to get a pen pic of them.

  • #2... i believe this yer "field" somehow... u write good takes about food... remember a nice one about makin burgers and "Desserts from the Appalachian Mountains!" as well... :D

    • Thanks, It will definitely be one of the takes I do now!

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    • I can eat both, I'm more of a pizza person tbh

    • i see... personally i prefer burgers and fries of course... pizza not so often like once/month...

      i like pasta once in a while by the way..

  • Write anything please !!!

    Just get off questions for some time, seriously everytime I log in I only see your questions poping up in front of me.

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