Why can't some people not take things seriously and laugh at a joke?

I've noticed a lot of people on gag can't take a joke (not all of you gagers) and they just don't see the fun in a joke and take it seriously then get mad at you because you made said joke. So I've just decided to spread my wings and flock to another place.

Take care everyone I know or don't know!!




Add on: Just because you're cold hearted to a joke, doesn't mean I hate you. I love you guys the most<333 (So don't take this to heart)

  • I shall miss you! (Even If I don't know you)
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  • I know you but I won't miss you!!! (You threw my sandwhich at me that one time)
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  • Byeeee don't come back (Seriously leave)
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  • sometimes they cross da line u know... and it stops being just a joke...

    basically i cannot stand people when they joke on a serious question or they post a very short comment undrneath... sounds like lack of respect towards @asker in my opinion... ;)


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  • Best of luck


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  • I have never met you so you never offended me, the best of luck wherever you go.

  • I love you I screw around 99% of the time on here I wish more women had a real sense of humor.

  • Different senses of humors, different times. What you may find funny, I might now, etc..


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