When a guy says the following to you, is it just friendly or more?

he was one of my housemates & we had several long chats where we were pretty friendly. So before he left for his place for school, he said to me "thank you so much (on bla bla bla) we should keep in touch... are you on Facebook? We should add each other bla bla bla". He's really outgoing and I'm really introverted, there's sever times when he was asking me why I was wearing a dress & why I don't take off my glasses etc where it feels like flirting. Just wondering if it's more like him trying to be friendly or more?


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  • Go and add him first. It'd be too early to tell what's going on in his mind. If you're also interested, why not to add him as soon as you can. Chances are, he might be interested, but patience...

    Good luck :)

    • Why do you encourage me to add him as soon as I can? And why i add him first?

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    • Actually i added him and he accepted it within half an hour. But there wasn't any message exchanges.

    • Don't worry. Be patient but don't lose the opportunities :)

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  • Add him on Facebook and see what Happens. It's too early to tell

    • What would you predict though?

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