After you answer a question, are most of the suggested questions all from 3-4 days go and all already have a mho?

It's really annoying me that all the suggested questions after I answer a question all already have mhos selected. If the question is already resolved I don't see why they are being suggested as needing answers. Could this get changed?

  • That happens to me too and I'd like it to be changed
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  • It's happening to me but I don't mind
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Most Helpful Guy

  • These questions are the ones from the people you follow (if you're following anyone). Otherwise, they're random.

    These are old because newer ones could be found in the site feed. And the selection of MHO will depend upon the asker. Maybe the ones you're following habitually choose MHO so early. They should take at least one week.

    This happens to everyone and should be changed according to one's needs. :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • It happens to me too. However, I don't mind much.


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  • I honestly don't mind if MHO is already being awarded - I will answer any question that interests me.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think it's stupid to care about answering a question only so you can get the MHO. When I answer a question it's just because I want to answer it whether it be a question that is asking about how I feel or something or a question where someone genuinely needs advice. I'm not on this site for the MHO's. I'm on it because I like to help people.

  • I don't care about that honestly. I don't only answers questions to get mho though.

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