Leaving G@G for certain?

Goodbye people of G@G, I hardly knew you all but you were all a part of an overall good-moraled community. About a week ago, I told a few people here that I was leaving, but I decided to stay just a little longer, until my classes started picking up the pace with assignments... and well now they have. So goodbye folks!

I only have two special goodbyes and that would be for:

@zell0is0my0name: A very pretty yet fierce girl (Your questions always made me think deeply)
@mskay: Also very pretty but with a softer temper (You never wanted me to fight for you :( )


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  • Goodbye my friend. Tears filled my eyes as I read this.

    I'll miss our deep conversations about the Spanish Inquisition and women's high waisted briefs.

    I'll never forget the nights we each prioritised our online games of "where am I touching you now" over our day to day responsibilities.

    Although we had a lot of fun and loved each other a little more than two straight guys ever should, I feel our friendship will be forever marred by your inability to accept difference of opinion regarding caviar and quince paste.

    I'll think of you on pizza Fridays and I'll always laugh on the inside as I remember the story of your unfortunate run in with north American veterinarian society mistaking you for the barn yard deviant.

    My memories of you will always live on in my heart.
    Only love old friend and love forever.

    • Oh, I'm dreadfully sorry that I forgot to acknowledge your struggle with gender identity which we talked about in great depth. I hope you find out who you really are soon.

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  • Oh now I found out one of my ghost notification 👻👻 two more to go ugh

    I'm gonna miss you so much! You always offer to beat up the bullies but I always rejected it ahah 😅 Nonetheless, have fun in the outside world 😄 byebyeeee 😢

  • Wells... So long! You sure you aren't coming back?

  • Oh! So this was my ghost notification :D
    Dudeee I'm gonna miss you.
    Good bye.
    Have a nice life :)


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  • Good luck in the future

  • I never knew you! Goodbye! :D

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