How do you ask a fun and funny question that is creepy as well?

I sometimes try to come out with fun questions that bring the creepiness factor. but in a comical and harmless way. Yet, it seems that people foucs too much on the creepiness instead of fun of the question. How do you ask a funny creepy question? Is it possible? A question that would creep you out, but make you laugh or have fun as well? In some sense, a question with disturbing humor?

I feel that if people see a guy asking a question with the word creepy (with some stupidity), then GAGers assume you're a dangerous creeper. Or some actually think the guy is into what he is asking (which would too sick to likely be true). It would be easier to give the benefit of the doubt the asker is just messing around and trying to have fun ( in a non-sexual). What's the best way to avoid giving people red flags when trying to ask such questions with an intention of pure humor?


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  • I enjoy kidnapping people's dogs, packages from Amazon and children I why do people have a problem with that?


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  • Like this:

    How is your dead grandma doing?

    • It seems it could offend some people.

    • Or this one:

      Is your grandma still dead?

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