How does gag go about choosing mho for questions?

A while ago I asked a question that I never got around to choosing mho for. I just went back to look at the question and the site had chosen the mh answer, There were about 20 or so answers and for some reason, the site had chosen the single worst opinion on the page. And I'm talking clear favorite for most horrible opinion. It's not that the user was trolling, just that their answer was basically trash and they seem to have a warped view of the world. I just don't get how gag chose that answer over answers that were actually helpful.

Admittedly I don't use the site much so I was hoping more experience gaggers could help me? Come to think of it, the opinion they chose was from a mod or something - do they maybe tend to choose mods over regular users for mho? I know it seems unlikely and in poor taste but it's all I can come up with, other than the selection process being completely random.

Or is this gag's way of "punishing" me for not choosing mho for my question?



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  • The FAQ is full of information. According to :-
    "It's chosen based on engagement: votes, comments, length, time, xper level, gender, among other criteria."

    • none of that makes any sense considering the answer they chose

    • They don't have enough time to read enough time to read every opinion on every question people left. They're helpless.

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  • I am not sure but I always assumed it was random how the automatics were awarded. It may seem like certain users get them but consider they have most opinions out there so are bound to get most hits in a random process - There is one thing I noticed the days I am more active I seem to pick up more auto MHOs - Now that could be my imagination.

    • do you have any law enforcement connections in jacksonville?

    • now that i think of it, there are way too unresolved questions on the site. they can't possibly manually choose mho for all of them. they'd never have time to do anything else! so they most likely have an automated system for handling the task.

  • It's definitely their way of punishing you. And I imagine them just writing answers on a piece of paper and pulling picking one out of a hat.

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