Was I the winner of August 4th Wk: Most Helpful G@Gers?

I noticed news weren’t updated.. but today I noticed I received more Xper than I was xpectin…neither of my takes was promoted nor I got enough manually-selected MHOs to reach today’s amount…so…I wonder? :|


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  • When you will win it, you'll get a message like this :-

    "Congratulations for being one of the Top MHO percentage users during the 3rd week of August!
    100 Xper points have been added to your account to show our community's appreciation for your Most Helpful Opinions!

    Here is the Top MHO users list for this week:

    79% JessRoxHard
    55% Wondahwoman
    62% YourFutureEx
    61% Azukuban
    It may take up to 24-48 hours for Xper points to be reflected in your account.

    Please do not respond to this message. These messages are not monitored.
    Instead, send a message to GirlsAskGuys user. "


    • thanks!

      didn't receive such a message... but how did i received those xtra unexpected points?

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    • They're just wasting their time lol

    • Thanks again :)

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  • I am always getting points I can't explain - I gave up trying ages ago

  • If that makes you happy ;-)