Moderators how do you feel when you are about to report/hide a post but some other moderator catches you up?

Like for xample today there was a question where u were100% sure it’ll be deleted…. and u were like “oh I’m gonna report before someone else does”…. but when u were about to report…

“this post has been removed from a moderator…”

How would u feel?


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  • I have noticed that during "daytime hours" in the USA, that most pictures that get pulled happen withing a few moments of going up. Most mods are awake and active and catch things quickly. In the middle of the night, they often stay up a while, now because the mods are sleeping. So your chances of success at hiding a picture post depends a lot on your hours on here, so I would figure you would catch a lot of those since you never seem to sleep (or eat, go to the bathroom, etc.)

    Posts that should be removed for reasons other than pictures usually stay up a while. The rate me pictures probably have a lot of mods honing in on them, but the other posts, without the pictures, do not get such grand attention. And when they are seen, often it is hard to tell where it is going, and it is not till later that it becomes clear it should be removed.

    Some on here have said it is not a contest. No it is not, but if I understand correctly, mods are supposed to maintain certain numbers of "catches" is they are going to stay mods, so it does become important to "win" a few of those "races".

    • "so I would figure you would catch a lot of those since you never seem to sleep (or eat, go to the bathroom, etc.)

      ^sorry dude but this wasn't funny at all... :|

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    • Just referring to the fact that you seem to be on here 24/7. I have honestly not seen anyone that can put up so many questions and have opinions on so many as well as all the comments. The speed with which you accumulate points shows that, too. Nothing bad about that, just that it is.

      And thanks for the numbers. I was pretty sure that I had read about needing to maintain the status.

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      nuff said...

  • I'm like "Well played, sir."
    "Well played..."

    But nah I really don't care. It happens 😅

  • I feel like 'great the system is working'

  • I don't think anything about it. its not a race lol.

  • Oh, that actually happens quite often. The super mods are really on the look-out for the questions that violate the guidelines.

  • Just tell yourself you are all working for same team.

  • Haha I've had it as well... but not too often so I didn't bother :D