How do I speak to an admin about removing my questions?

Need a question removed as it accidently has extremely personal details in it


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  • GAG will not let you delete a question, but you can edit it. If you go to the help section then to posts and scroll down, it should answer your question there.

    • Why won't GaG let you delete a question?

    • I don't know. That's a question for the admins.

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  • nope sorry bro... u can't delete a question if it's not "deleteable"... i mean if it doesn't violate GAG's rules... this question doesn't violate GAG's rules unfortunately...

    yet u can disavow this question..

    -click on yer profile...
    -go to "questions" section...
    -click on a button dat looks like a chain...
    -then press "yes"...

    if u do this... question asker'll appear as "anonymous"... and u won't receive any notifications if someone answers on it... :)


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