So GaG got updated again.. anyone wanna tell what new stuff did they notice?


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  • Some of the new changes for users includes:
    -New MHO% badges. Users who have less than 10% MHO will have the previous grey text (ex: mho 4%). Users who have between 10 and 19% MHO have a grey badge icon with a dark grey star and dark grey text (ex: mho 12%). Users who have greater than 20% MHO will have a gender color badge with a white star and white mho text (ex: mho 25%).
    -Opinion sorting has changed. The default opinion sorting can be found here in the FAQ: :)
    -There is a new ability to change sorting to Time descending or XperLevel descending (there is a dropdown menu with 3 options: MHO%, Time, and Xper Level) but the default is MHO%. This is for questions only, not myTakes.
    -"Popular" posts will now be randomly selected and show in highlighted slots on the feed and recent questions pages

    • opinion sorting seems odd.. other than that its fine.. :)

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    • I think it's pointless having an option to change the default order from MHO order. Gagers want the best replies! But I agree the default order being MHO is completely the wrong thing to do. Big error from GAG!

    • ""-"Popular" posts will now be randomly selected and show in highlighted slots on the feed and recent questions pages""

      That one is kinda cool.

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  • Really ugly new poll buttons.

    • LOL.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Great they put MHO as the default. The idiots who answer EVERY question even when they have zilch to contribute won't get top billing any longer.

    Nothing is perfect.. MHO means the politically correct silly kiss ups will get top billing, but it's still an upgrade.

    • MHO isn't a valid representation of how good a persons responses are, since many stupid ass trolls will get MHO and valid thought out comments won't. Also depending on the number of posts a person makes the number can be ridiculously skewed.
      1 answer 1 MHO... WOO 100% MHO
      2 answers 1 MHO... BOOO 50% MHO

      It should show NUMBER of MHOs not percentage of MHOs

    • @LogicBomber - Your logic bombed on this one. lol. People have to have a certain minimum number of questions before they give you a MHO percentage. Under that the MHO just shows as "?"

    • Is that so... well. Regardless of the moment where they choose to display the percentage. I believe my theory about percentage stays true. Just because they don't show it until a certain time, doesn't mean is isn't a skewed system which would be better off showing the number of MHO over percentage. But thanks for the attempt at shaming my opinion.

  • Apparently the default sorting for answers is based on MHO%, rather than XPER count.

    You can also sort by Time.

    I also got a popup saying "WE GOT THIS AD JUST FOR YOU", which was somewhat odd.

    • Yeah the Ad thing happened to me as well.

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    • I think this MHO order will kill GAG! Askers will read the first one or two answers and ignore the rest. The majority of GAGers will be wasting their time!!

    • @dogbert444 well, depends, really. I think it won't change drastically.

  • Some fucking pop-up with 'GaG Thinks You Might Like:' and a cluster of those goddamn Zergnet-style 'viral' links.

    Honestly, that shit is enough to make me leave if it happens a lot.

    • oohh.. it happened to me only once tho. :/

    • Just had it again. It actually says "Chosen for You" and it's links by Taboola.

      What happened to people above rank 7 not seeing ads?

      (we'll see what Adblock does when I get home)

    • It helps... 😁

  • Yes, i just noticed the new updates but remember he needs us to donate
    to the site or removed our Adblocker .. Hahhaha XD

  • Just leave it at a time sort either oldest or newest first.

  • New filtering system for answers. Possibly the worst update yet.

    • oh.. what's that? i don't know about it..

    • It means that people with higher MHO's get higher on the answer list

    • Which means since the people whose answers are liked the most are the ones you will see first, they are more likely to be answers that are appreciated, instead of the first person answering putting up stupid, not thought out stuff getting top billing.

  • Your MHO percentage is showing! ;-)

    • omg.. no.. 😳😳😳 hahaha.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • People with higher MHO's get higher on the opinions list

    • yeah.. i noticed this too.. they get the pink blue badges too

    • I think that the MHO thing should be changed back though

    • yeah.. too many colors going on.

  • I haven't noticed any update but ... but ads are teasing a lot..

    • there are updates.. read other opinions..

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  • Now you can filter opinions on questions. Either, highest MHO answers show up first, highest Xper level shows up first or whoever answered the question last shows up first. Also, the poll buttons are different. They look kind of 3 dimensional.

  • filtering opinions within a question
    the emojis look different... not as cute as before

    • oh i haven't noticed the emojis yet.. lol..

  • MHO me for no reason