Question about the MHO percentage?

does anybody know how MHO percentage is calculated?

I see my self sometimes not replying to an interesting question just because MHO is allready given.
If MHO was just your raw most helpful vs not most helpful answers, you actually would punish people for replying to a question where MHO is allready given. By replying to a question where MHO is given, you reduce your own MHO percentage, therefore why would you want to answer that question if there is that downside to it.

i think replying to questions where MHO is given should not influence your MHO rating.

good idea? shitty idea? is it allready like this?


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  • They take all the opinions you have and then all the opinions that you got MHO from and do dividing and multiplying that results in doing math and that's how it's calculated. I think it's stupid to not reply to a question just because it already has MHO. I do anyway. An opinion is an opinion. It's not a contest.

    • yeah i do it too xD that´s why i have such a low mho rating xD i still feel somewhat punished for what i am supposed to do on this site.

    • Yeah, I feel ya. It is annoying that you may work 10x harder with your answers and answer many questions at that, but someone else barely answers questions and yet still gets a higher percentage.

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • just the general way %'s are calculated. number of most helpful votes divided by total number of opinions given by the user

    so lets say a person has answered 600 questions and gotten 200 mho
    their percentage would be 200/600 or 33%

    interesting point about them not counting questions with mho already selected... perhaps you should suggest it to the administrators. I could def see, for people who are concerned with the mho%'s, that if there is no chance of getting it they might be deterred from answering at all


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  • I never thought about that before. I'm not sure if it's already like that but if its not then they should do that!


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  • That is a good point - Most of the questions I answer the MHO is gone.