How many complaints to be moderated?At least 200?

How many complaints to be moderated?
At least 200?


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  • The answer to your question can be found in the site's FAQ's:
    We extend the invitation to become a Moderator to our top users who create quality content on the site. Reporting content against site rules and achieving a high success ratio in reporting is also very important.

    You can become a top user by logging in regularly, posting interesting, informational, and useful Questions/myTakes, as well as offering Opinions to other users. By doing so, you will accumulate Xper points. After you have shown a pattern of posting Questions and/or Takes and sharing your Opinions (showing your ability to communicate clearly, give sound advice, and offer valuable information) and have made yourself a regular user on the site, we will consider you as a Moderator. Once you have done this, please contact us.

    Hint: The success rate of a user's reports is an important criteria to be selected as a Moderator. You can report unsuitable content by clicking on the gray flag from any post. All reports are evaluated by the admins and the success rate on reports by every user is calculated by the system automatically. A user with a high percentage of success rate on reports is more likely to get a Moderator invitation.

    • oops sorry didn't see that the link to that info had already been posted. :P

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  • There a number of things
    - Your level of reporting
    - How successful your reporting
    - How active you are
    - How helpful you are
    See Bert's link to FAQ


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