What are some other updates you'd like to see on GaG?

  • Able to take myTakes off anonymous and vice versa
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  • Able to vote on comments
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  • Able to change an up vote to a down vote and vice versa
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  • Able to retract a vote
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  • Able to tag people if you're anonymous
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  • Change the way opinions are listed
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would go back to where people you were following where on top of opinions on each question.
    I would hide all Xper levels and points total - I don't see what difference it makes.
    I would have a text box to explain why you are reporting something.
    If you block someone you can't see any of your stuff.
    If MHO given the opinion you give on the question doesn't count on your MHO percentage.
    A limit on number of anon posts you can make per day.
    All anon questions checked by admin before going to feed.

    • *Block - Any of THEIR stuff

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    • Knowing the Xper level is helpful in the GaG section. If you're asking a question about the site, you're going to listen more to those who have higher Xper, seeing as they've been on the site the longest.
      The text box would be helpful but would increase the admins work loads.
      The blocking thing is a good idea too.
      The MHO point should definitely be implemented!
      I think there already is a limit of about 5?
      The last point is good, but that's mainly the job of mods and it would add work load to admins again, which was why they got mods in the first place.

    • @Hannah591
      (1) Xper level and points not necessarily a sign of length of time on site but also how active you were - I am only 6 months on site (I was a bit of a Xper hunter in the past)
      (5) Anon limit would apply to questions/opinions/opinion comments and takes
      Overall I agree about extra work for admin but these questions are mainly for in an ideal world scenarios.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Basically I'd undo the entirety of the last... three updates. All I see is clutter and stratification that leads to cliques. I'm done with high school and GaG should be too.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I'm actually thinking of one in particular
    that'd help/aid newcomers.

    Like, when creating your profile, you're forced
    to also go through the settings on your profile
    whether you want messages from others or not.

    I mean, it'd root out a lot of.. not so nice messages
    to the newcomers arriving. Yeah?

  • Personal songs on our profile page, Make all pics fit in, Large pics on our post, No one under 21 can be a mod. No one under Guru can mod and must be here for 2 years at least

  • I want B, C, D and i also want to be able to delete questions and mytakes. or at least edit them.


What Girls Said 6

  • I wish the girl and boy posts would be side by side again instead of boys on top if girls ask the question and girls on top if boys ask the question. It would be so much easier to read opinions if that were the case. Also, they add to many useless features like the MHO % crap. I don't see how it makes any difference of how good an opinion is. GaG is going downhill these days. I liked the way it was when I first joined. I don't mind change (at least on here), but I do mind when they make stupid updates that don't truly benefit anyone.

  • i just want to see how many people have blocked me..

  • An app pleaseee

  • Add a photo gallery and keeping less inappropriate questions on here

  • I'm still waiting for an update that prevents any further updates. Seriously, most updates here are pointless and only for the sake of updating something from time to time so mods can say 'hey, we did something.'

  • see who unfollows you.

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