How did you come up with your G@G username?

Go ahead tell me I'm curious. :)

i just made mine up off the top of my head. No meaning behind it. I wanna change it though. :/

Tell meeeee.


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  • I don't have much inspiration in my name. I just happened to see this on the internet while I was thinking up usernames.
    Then I was like, oh "dangerDoge" will work. Then I had the thought "ehh, I probably won't like the site anyway. I doubt it isn't that good so the username won't matter."

    Almost 4 months after, 2200+ opinions later, and some obsession with GAG, here I am.
    I kinda want to change it now, but whatever. It is what it is


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi, @RainbowFanGirl Good question and asked of us before. However, I never mind answering it over and over, it is quite different.
    My Username that I always go with "Paris" was given to me by the Egyptians who could not Pronounce my real name which is almost the same, just spelled a bit different. It was easier for them to remember so ever since 4 years and still counting, I have used this Username.
    For GAG, I Began my happy Beguine nearly 2 years ago and with the year still being December 31 2013, before the strike of Midnite, I decided On... Paris13.
    Good luck and Great name on your end, my friend. xx


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