Does anyone want to compliment another gager?

always see 'tag the hottest/prettiest etc gager' but its never personal
so tag a gag user and compliement them
e. g @... - you always have the best advice & your make up is amazing


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  • β€’ @MissNowhere I bet you've already heard it for like the hundredth time already, but I'd still say it :p you're very beautiful! πŸ’ž Thank you for making gag more fun πŸ’™

    β€’ @cinderelli keep up the awesomeness in you gorgeous! 8) gag wouldn't be fun without you πŸ’›

    β€’ @Paris13 you have the best advice ever! Thank you so much for all the advice and everything ❀

    β€’ @BumbleSuperBee I love how your username reminds me of the transformers ahah πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I love you lovely and continue being you! πŸ’œ

    β€’ @Jxpxtxr you're so awesome and so fun to talk to! I'd definitely date you if I'm into girls ahah πŸ™Š

    β€’ @youknowitt gurl you're so hawt πŸ”₯ thanks for talking to me last weekend πŸ’š I felt better after talking to you (: I love youuu πŸ’•

    β€’ @DaniaMQ thanks for always being there for me girly πŸ™ˆ you're so awesome and beautiful! πŸ’›

    β€’ @Genie23 thanks for being there for me last time when I was in trouble πŸ™ˆ I love you and stop hating your voice xD I bet you have a lovely voice!

    • I love you too ❀️ Can't wait to see you around LA sometime soon

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    • Oh! I thought you didn't want to share your voice recording cause you were shy, lol. Okay, then!! I'm looking to your recording sis.. haha :) <3

    • Awwwwwww u r very welcome sweetie 😍😘 thank u too for being here for me ! Love you xx

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  • @JackKerouac77 come back you brilliant bastard!
    @TheNewClassic - come backkk I miss bothering you!
    @XNicholeMariex3 you're beautiful, now let me infect you with my cooties to make you even more beautiful
    @Mooky06 - Intimidator!!! Well ex-Intimidator!
    @SatanClaus Arnold has nothing on your biceps, mr # 1 Manwhore.
    @Phoenix98 Extraordinary gentleman you are.
    @Illusive_Man taller, more handsome, more intelligent, more fit, ladies man
    @Teawrecks Cheeks for days!
    @Charismatic110 Level headed even though I like to spite you sometimes ;)
    @MissNowhere Feisty yet lovely
    @HoneyButtercup525 Unnecessarily insecure, you're pretty
    @PiuBelloAmante One of the cheesiest yet non-homolike romantic bro around!
    @DodgersGM @Aizou - Not many are genuinely kind like you two
    @CocoChanel - GaG Princess ^_^
    @PrincessofPersia - Lovely sis with a feisty side
    @PrettyRican - Friendly lady, you're truly kind.
    @Genie23 - Beautiful daughter, always soo bubbly. I can see why I have to give soo many death glares at the boys.
    @EmpatheticLady fun-sized friendly lady
    @Jxpxtxr - Unique yet bold and stunning fashion sense
    @Awesome93 - always spiting me but you know I love you
    @bubble_tea Nong Poy ;P
    @kangy - pretty lady with dark BROWN eyes
    @humpingtornados - #1 Ladies man
    @cookiesandcream - my nephews stalker
    @CourtJester - SUPERMAN!
    @Klaatu51 - KING KLAATU
    @Cinderelli - Hot and Spicy <3
    @IamNuts - Hi level headed NUTS!
    @justbanANNAz - I like your sass and bomb ass hair!
    @BelleGirl21 - BEAUTIFUL STALKER!
    @Kay211 - Cutiepie
    @MistNigqa808 - Meme Master Grasshop Shakur
    @xHoneyxBeex @RedRain - always quick to respond and helpful.
    @BarbaraP - Come back!! You're one of the most awesome friendly person around!!!
    @Keyspirits - You finish last Asian boi! ;)


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  • @MissNowhere -- Dudet, you rock. Like you are hilarious, honest, beautiful, and just super cool in general. Don't be too hard on yourself! No one can touch your rock n' roll lifestyle 😎 I know life can feel like a rut of crap, but it will get better! Come to America and have all the guys be mesmerized by your kickass accent. (Yes your voice is cool, no disagreeing 😁)

    @Omar5881 Even though we are on opposing sides of the war (still figuring out what it's about LOL), you are a super awesome GAGer. Like you are super nice and still funny, and I can tell you are very smart too! (Physics scares me 😱). I'm working through Supernatural now, but once I binge watch it all, we'll need to talk about it as we have our international band practices 😎.

    ... And you have an adorable af puppy like mentioned. 😁

    @Klaatu51 Your music knowledge is impressive af. I like 80s music but I only know a fraction of the amount of cool obscure 80s pop you do :O And on GAG, I know your days of "xper hunting" still haunt you a bit, but I haven't been on GAG too long. The opinions I've seen from you have been really quite great amazing! I mean it is difficult to raise up the MHO% after a lot of opinions, but you somehow managed to do it. Really cool guy, very helpful. :D

    @Illusive_Man Hahaha you are in legend status for how funny you are. One of my hardest laughs from GAG came from that time where you did the voice thing with "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEEL!" I always make sure to read your opinions if I see them because you are friggin cool and hilarious. I crack up every time I see an old archived photo of project rthomas πŸ˜‚. And you are the doppelgΓ€nger of my friend :O

    I'm not an active tumblr user anymore, but just saying, I ship you and @Kay211 . Just saying. 😁

    • This is really awesome thanks Bro 😊

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    • @Illusive_Man Haha I would stop if you told me too. You're just such an interesting person tho xD

    • thanks... :)

      "I mean it is difficult to raise up the MHO% after a lot of opinions, but you somehow managed to do it."

      ^oh trust me it's really hard... it's as hard as... spinnin a basketball on da palm of yer hand... XD

      but my percentage those last 2 weeks is ~60%... i believe if i keep goin like this i might reach my goal for hittin 30%.. after a few years... :|

  • @Genie23 you are beyond amazing
    @EmpatheticLady you are quite the gangster 8)
    @BelleGirl21 I am honored to be your sidekick <3
    @justbanANNAz you're pretty great too, even though you suck at replying back ;P
    @MissNowhere you're alright, I guess ;)
    @Bards you are one worth noticing, Chelsea-chan
    @Kay211 you're tolerable

  • Sure! I want to compliment @Paris13, @Cocochanel, @Genie23, @Kangy, @Douride2, @AnnVDB, @DodgersGM and @yourfutureex for being such nice and open people... happy to have learned to know you people on here :D
    Oh and sorry to the many people I've forgotton :D

    • Thanks, bro. You're awesome :) :) :)

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    • I knew I could count on you there Hans.

    • @douride2 Yeah I just need those chats with you... and it's interesting too.
      As people living in different countries, cultures, environments we can learn quite interesting things by just chatting!

  • @Ashely_Princess-One of the most mature of the younger GAGers on here :)
    @Phoenix98-One of the classiest guys on GAG
    @Klaatu51-one of the funniest GAGers
    @BelleGirl21- one of the prettiest GAGers and very helpful
    @QuestionMan-the most respectable question asker/ political insider on GAG
    @Genie23-one of the sweetest GAGers
    @CHARismatic110-one of the most creative/innovative GAGers
    @justbanannaz-The coolest, most honest, Very straightforward and humble GAGer
    and lastly I have to put myself down. I feel I am very innovative and creative, plus very open. Sorry if I sound Egotistical, but I really feel like I am pretty interesting lol

  • @MissNowhere she is stylish and beautiful and her accent makes men melt
    @Genie23 she is perfection... i really think she represents what every guy wants in a gf!!
    @Ihav2fart coolest cat on Gag, no doubt about it
    @mooky06 she is lethal and beautiful!!! and likes to drive fast cars! she is an awesome girl
    @Xelebrum He has a great sense of humor! and is a total bro
    @complicated_soul appreciates my humor lol!!!

    • No... No guy wants a tea cup and saucer, Piu 😒 lol. Thanks you really are kind. I'm not perfect, pretty or anything. But you always have only good, sweetest things to say about me. Haha. You're awesome :)

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    • @Genie23 oh shush!!! you know you are a tremendous feminine force that makes men fall to their knees and pray to god for a girl like you

      @MissNowhere you are welcome Latvian Princess

    • Thanks bro β™‘
      I think you deserve the title of coolest.

  • And @Kay211 is the master of pain, with a brutal talent for breaking enslaved. Using cruel disdain as her ball and chain , serves to keep her captives well behaved. She has a wicked scratch for her sadistic itches, a crippling lash that never misses. She screams out wishes like a choir of witches. It seems her kisses always require stitches.

    • You just tell yourself that because you're a masochist :p

  • @Xelebrum

    I hate you so much. I hate you to the extent that I often have dreams of killing you. Words cannot describe my hatred for you. Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for you at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. HATE.

    Oh and the same goes for @Pat8707

  • Lots of people deserve a mention for me but I don't want to leave anybody out so I will just say thank you to a lot of GaG users who made my time here very enjoyable.

    • You deserve a mention because of all your honest & helpful opinions! I hope I'll get that wise when I get older πŸ˜‡

    • @Polswedgirl Good answers nothing to do with age - I often think your input to the site is very wise along with other Gaggers around your age - Whenever I see people complain about the under 18 Gaggers, I always point out plenty of good Gaggers like yourself under 18 and plenty of idiots over 18.

    • Wow thank you, people like yourself are the ones that make it hard to everleave gag xD

  • @ashely_princess hey ash 😊
    @Missnowhere cause she's soo nice πŸ˜€
    @brielove even tho she's weird πŸ˜‚
    @genie23 my bff πŸ˜€
    @justbanannaz such a cool chick 😊
    @polswedgirl my snapchat buddy 😊

  • @XHoneyxBeex

    Some time ago, I was asked what makes a woman beautiful. Is it her face? Her legs? Perhaps her chest? Her mannerisms? Her character? Personally, I'm not 100% sure. What I do know though is that whatever that definition of beauty may be, HoneyBee would be it. Remember my friend, good things come to those who wait.

    • Oh my gosh! This is the sweetest thing and means so much to me, especially now (as you know). Thank you so much. You're an amazing friend :)

  • I find pink anons mysterious and and interesting

  • Fuck no. That'd make me GAG.

  • @ElectroMagnetic is a fucking hottie! She's under-appreciated here because she isn't here all the time. :)



  • I want to compliment everyone who helps peoples problems on here, thank you for being awesome.
    Thats what I like on this site and a reason to come back

  • Yes @psychomonkey is so handsome and sexy.

  • @IamNuts You are my favorite person on here

  • Everyone's wonderful, and @SIGguy... well, I really don't have anything nice to say about you.

  • @hairyplopper man are you sure you are only 17 ?