Most overlooked people on G@G?

Don't say me, because I'm looking for new people to follow. Tag someone who tends to give thoughtful responses - they don't have to be appropriate responses, just thoughtful (I suppose the correct euphemism is 'creative'). Prefer those who aren't commonly acknolwedged, or at worst are frequentnly ridiculed. Feel free to consult your block list, if you must. I'm not looking for the prats who have pissed you off with their stupid ideas - I'm looking for the prats who have pissed you off with their smart ideas. Or people who have merely managed to confuse you. Hell, even if you generally like them but regard them as not interesting enough to talk to, that's also fine.

Also, don't tag yourself, because that indicates a lack of thought, thus disqualifying you.


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  • @youknowitt

    I am disqualified. I know... But seriously I legit thought this through.

    I am

    1) a smart pratt who pisses people off with my smart ideas
    2) thoughtful/ freakishly creative
    3) underrated
    4) ridiculed
    5) completely honest.


    oh and one more thing,


    7) no fucks given


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  • When you imagine someone coming up for an answer for this, what exactly are you expecting?

    That they're going to accept someone was smarter than them?

    That they'd want to remember someone that ridiculed them?

    I mean, you can just go onto my follow list and just grab any name for GOOD G@Gers, but I doubt many people keep track of who they both admire and hate.


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  • I don't spend enough time here to have satellite GPS like vision and list off names of those who are overlooked. I never really viewed this place as "the overlooked and non-overlooked" but more so just strangers coming together to help one another. I hardly even pay attention to usernames unless it's someone I speak with one-on-one on a regular basis. Don't feel bad because a massive group of bypassing strangers on GAG may not have treated you like treasure.

    • I think you might have forgotten to read the question...

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    • @Asker Exactly. You are encouraging the concept that popularity exists on GAG. This is an online forum: we are all essentially momentary bypassers in each other's lives. Your question promotes the idea that there are "popular GAG users" and "unpopular GAG users" therefore the unpopular, overlooked GAG users should be acknowledged here. It's not a healthy idea to be putting out there.

    • try to understand, this is about how this conversation has gone thus far, from my perspective:

      me: I'm looking for a rare-ish sort of teacup. Anyone have any ideas?
      you: there is nothing wrong with tea! It's exactly the same as coffee.
      me: um, that wasn't really my question..
      you: yes it was. I read it! What I'm saying is I can't recommend you a tea cup because I don't think coffee is any better than tea.
      me: nope. your rant still has nothing to do with what I was asking.
      you: I'm not ranting. You're supporting the idea that either coffee or tea should be considered "better," and I don't think it's healthy for coffee or tea drinkers to think they are a minority.
      me: yeah, still has nothing to do with what I'm asking..
      you: you should be satisfied with my answer because it is an answer.
      me: no it isn't. It's just a response. I was just looking for obscure tea cups
      you: exactly. because you think all tea cups are rare you must think that coffee is superior!

  • there's too many... some names that come to mind:

    Hellionthesage (spelling?)


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  • They're not overlooked by me personally since I love reading their responses but yeah... I guess these 2 would fit the description @JustinCaseUDontKnow @crystalt70 *chose because of the title*

    • Thank you for the mention really appreciate your kindness :)

    • @JustinCaseUDontKnow Just like with her you write you "take" on this or that... and keep it pushing (no sarcasm/wasted words it seems ^_^)

  • This will be a bit of a weird answer but the best Gaggers or most overlooked Gaggers maybe one in the same to me - There are certain people that will make me stop and read carefully their answers - Are the famous, hot, cute, pretty, overlooked or downright ignored - Personally I don't know, all I know is I will stop and study their answer.

  • Ey yo I'm overlooked

    JK I'm a brat and don't deserve to be looked at

    Hmm I don't know not many at the right xper level are ignored

  • It's me. I'm overlooked. I also say Wolf is overlooked, but she's hardly ever on so it's understandable. Still when she was on she was overlooked or mistreated.

    • Wolf? Is that her real name? @Wolf

      if not, could you tag her?

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    • you're also anonymous..

      not to mention, I specifically asked everyone not to suggest themselves..

    • Oh well. Free xper.