Ways to get to 2xper?

I just need some ways (other than posting questions) to get to 2xper



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  • keep in mind the xper rating isn't determined in real time. They update it like once a day or something, so no matter what you do you will be at level 1 until tomorrow..


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  • Ways to earn xper
    - Signup +10
    - Login per day +5
    - Set Relationship Status +5
    - Set Occupation +5
    - Upload Custom Avatar +5 (first time only)
    - GirlsAskGuys Anniversary +25
    - Birthday +25
    - If you are Followed by another member +1

    - Ask a Question +1
    - Question is shared on social more than 10 times +10
    - When you select Most Helpful Opinion for each gender for your Question +1 (+2 for selecting a MHO from both genders)
    - Question is featured by the system (you will receive a message for this) +4

    - Share your Opinion on a myTake +1
    - myTake is Promoted (you will receive a message; blue/pink lightbulb) +50
    - myTake is Featured (you will receive a message for this) +150
    -myTake is shared on social more than 10 times +10
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured myTake +1
    - myTake gets more than 5 Followers +5

    - Connect Facebook Account +50
    - Connect Google+ Account +50

    - Share your Opinion on a Question +1
    - You got Most Helpful Award +7
    - The Question Asker/myTake Owner upvotes your opinion +1
    - Share your Opinion on a Featured Question +1
    - Vote on a Featured Poll +2
    - Top 2 MHO% users of the week +100


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  • Ask question and answer

  • Why do you need to get to 2xper so badly?

    • I want to be able to post more than two questions every 24 hours. Because my friend got a box on her account that said she could only post 2 questions or mytakes every 24 hours unless she passed 1xper :)

    • plus you can't post (direct) links until 2xpr. and there's probably a bunch more things that you can't do, but I haven't figured it out yet. basically they just want to make sure a troll doesn't sign up and post 500 questions or spam the boards or whatever

  • the only way is to post things.

    • other people told me I could give opinions too but thnx :)