How many of you guys ACTUALLY ask questions for legit help anymore?

I know for a fact, I've asked only one advice question in my GAG history, the others were simply to get those sweet notifications!

So whaddabout u?

  • Yeah, Max, I ask legit questions! Stop cramping my style!
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  • No! Why would you ever think that, you lazy question asker?
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  • Shut up Max.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Those sweet notifications=sweet satisfaction

    I ask for help sometimes, my white bitches question was removed (screw the man, screw whoever reported it, screw screw screw) so, I'm obviously pissed about that. And I now need more insight on what makes people tick. So, get ready for some more 'nonsense' questions.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If I need advice I will ask but I lead a super quiet life at the moment so there is nothing to ask about at present. I go through phases asking questions - My last phase was political questions.


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  • Na, advice here isn't worth shit.

  • Is this even legit?

    • No not at all. It doesn't help me one bit this is entirely for my entertainment.