Do opposites really attract?

i have a crush on a guy i don't know much about.. from what i observed we have different personalitites... we talk and act differently but we're attracted to each other physically. his friends are very different from mine too.. will a relationship work? or should i not bother myself and move on? (we're not really friends we talked twice)


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  • I am not sure over the years I have been attracted to people opposite to me and also people exactly like me - Which is better I don't know.

  • The phrase "opposites attract" is often taken out of context. They attract in a broad sense like the negative and positive polarity of a magnet, or males and females. And that's the context in which "opposites attract" was originally meant.

    When it comes to personality, chemistry and attraction, similarity attracts. People with the same interests, views and beliefs get along more than people with opposing personalities.


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