I fell in a trap. Why we cannot remove the follow request on this site :( ?

I was reading a take and in the end, there was a new thing

I fell in a trap. Why we cannot remove the follow request on this site :( ?
I was on mobile, so I'd not hover over these icons to find out their functions. So, I clicked on that human icon and it said "follow request sent". I visited the profile and tried to block/unblock that user hoping that the request will be canceled but all in vain.

Admins/Devs... why did you make this trap? :'(

Is there anything I can do? :/


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  • YES, my myTakes trap people! Mwhaha! :')

    I believe it's because that editor has to accept followers so like a friend request on Facebook, it waits until they respond. You probably had to wait until they did, but GAG doesn't let you retract the invitation whilst you wait. Normally, you can go to their profile, press the human icon and it'll unfollow them but it's likely different if their settings are different. Or it could be a little glitch that GAG has overlooked and they can get fixed.


    • They won't change it. Wish it was like Twitter where we'd cancel our follow request. :(

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    • They've probably not even noticed and would forget after a couple of days. Stop being so afraid of hurting people's feelings! They don't care. I certainly wouldn't. It's your choice and it was a mistake, they'd understand.. . if they cared.

    • Yeah you got a point. Who cares! :( I'm taking it too seriously. Unfollowing now :)

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  • That's weird I thought one could unfollow as easily as one follows on GAG. Probably this is happening because it's a private and self moderated profile by the user?

    In which case let them accept it and then you can always unfollow :)

    If you are in a hurry, why not write to the admin who'll get it sorted for you :)

    • Okay the thing is, that user accepted my request. Should I unfollow her? I'm afraid that I'd indeliberately offend her.

      I didn't message admins because I thought submitting a question could lure admins to rectify this so that no user in future would get inconvenience.

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    • ha ha ha go ahead with plan B :)

    • Thank you for your kind, generous and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :)

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  • yes i'm the gag guy in the trap card, you need to follow no matter what :)
    it's actually the same follow action icon that is been used sitewide... that's why we didn't implement verification, as it is the same behavior on other pages (like when you hover a username you can follow with 1 click, or from the profile)
    but your images made me chuckle a bit for sure :)

    • Thanks :) :D

      Why don't you let us to cancel our follow request? (Like twitter)
      I've seen other users complaining too.

  • Lmaoooo at those images. Bottom card description is too funny.

    But I'm a bit confused, can u not just unfollow?

    • You can follow/unfollow anyone, but if the profile of the user is private, a 'follow request' will be sent and then the other user will decide whether to let the person follow or not. You cannot cancel that request (like twitter).

      Glad you found it amusing :D

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    • Hope admins will read this and play Mystical Space Typhoon

      Thanks fella :)

    • Haha wow, it's funny cause these cards remind me of my old starter decks :p.

      Old times haha.

  • its always been like that though. as long as I can remember at least. someone follows me, I follow back but it says pending and they accept it when they can.

    • if their profile is set up for it

    • Well, that follow request feature was just introduced in the first quarter of this year. Unlike Twitter, we cannot cancel that request if we accidentally sent it which sucks.

      Hope admins will rectify this :/

  • 20 year old playing Yu-Gi-Oh?


    I think the best you can do is ask to make it a feature to cancel it. Shouldn't be hard to implement.

    • Magic sux big. Mana and shit.

      That's why I posted this question. I have seen several similar posts like that and yes, you're right. It shouldn't be that hard to be implemented. Twitter gives us option to cancel the request but not GAG. :/ Hope admins will make a move.

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    • Magic is very boring to be honest. There are no surprises. And that mana system is so bad. Yu-Gi-Oh might have blatant power difference but it doesn't heavily depend upon luck. In magic, it is 20% skill and 80% luck. I find duel masters to be better than Magic even tho they're created by the same person.

    • I dunno, depends on the deck, I guess. I know I can pull out a Deathrender (equip to monster, when it dies, play a monster out of hand and equip deathrender to it) and equip it for 6 mana (medium-late game cost), attack with my monster, have you kill it and then pull out my Iona (players cannot play cards of a specified color) for free.

      Or TL;DR, for killing my monster you can no longer play any cards.

      And having a cost-resource system gives a lot more to strategize around than just sacrificing your creatures.
      I have a few decks that win while only using my creatures as defenses. There's a pre-built deck that just came out that doesn't have a single creature. It just blocks your damage with spells and manipulates you until you until you have nothing left.

      Yu-Gi-Oh has always felt like a fast-paced, win-on-turn-4 kinda game to me. I like strategy and synergy, and I think Magic pulls that off better than most card games.

  • Can't you just... like... apologize afterwards and then unfollow?

    • I'm shy to PM anyone :(

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    • I don't know. I'm scared to talk to people in real life and online both, regardless of who they're. I talk with anyone only if he/she messaged me first :/

    • Oh... didn't expect this from you.

  • Thanks for the heads up - Never knew about this icon and its function.