Are there any other South Africans on here?

Where my fellow South Africans at? I see so many people on here from different countries, but never come across another South African!

Where are you guys?


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  • Yessssssssss!

    Born South African!!!

    I am not alone 😂😏

    • Whoop whoop! I was born here, but I've moved between here and the UK so many times :O but now I'm back!

    • Oops.

      Think you better move back to the UK after what the springboks did to us.

    • I know right!

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  • I'm from Cape Town :)

    Where in SA you from :)

    • Damn

      A guru and mod from SA

      That's pretty awesome

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    • Joburg ❤️


    • This is weird =D we've only been here 5 months but I know people who study at stellies too

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