Why did the cost to feature questions go up from 500 XPER to 750 XPER 1.5 years ago?

I rememer featuring a question for 500 XPER the first time I featured a question during my time here. Then suddenly it went up to 750 XPER.



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  • When I came on the site, the $20 Amazon certificate needed 2000 points, the 3000, the 4000, then 5000, now 7500

    • And we got 3 points for an answer, one point for an upvote

    • Why did the price increase so much?

    • The owner of the site is not a philantropist

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  • I think the prices have gone up across the board probably because there are more members getting more points. The featured questions probably weren't hurting the site but all the extra amazon cards and donations to RAVEN were costing site a lot of money.