In your opinion, who can handle physical/emotional pain more... Guys or girls?

Don't get all offended by saying that the feeling of the intensity of the pain shouldn't correlate with gender-- because that's not what I'm asking. I'm just curious as to how the majority feels about the other gender. If you are offended, just don't comment lol. It's that easy.

But anyway, I'm just asking because according to a poll of 250 subjects that I took for a stats class...:

1) Guys can handle emotional pain a lot better than girls. (about 60%)
2) Girls can handle emotional pain a lot better than guys. (about 40%)

1) Guys can handle physical pain a lot better than girls. (about 52%)
2) Girls can handle physical pain a lot better than guy. (about 48%)

A lot of the anonymous comments that were added took giving birth into account, but also taking in to account how guys seem to be less "dramatic"...

So yeah, do any of you guys agree with the poll's outcome?


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  • It's not quite as simple as that you have to take into account a lot of things, are we taking things at just a natural baseline here? because some people like me can take increased levels of pain shrug it off a lot easier then other people, while some won't, are we taking military training into account?

    If we are just talking about base from birth type of thing I would probably say guys.

    But I think this is more of a question on a individual level because not all individuals of either gender are going to be able to take the same amount of pain, sure guys can take more pain then women physically but at the same time that's not all going to be on the same level as another guy, the same goes for women.

    You also have to take into account personal experiences of a person, like I used to be very susceptible to emotional pain, depression things like that. But after living through certain experiences and situations I just don't give a rats ass about it anymore. Physical pain used to be the same, now a days the more I get hurt, it just makes me more excited because usually if I am in pain then I am sparring, pain equals a stronger opponent, better fight.

    It's just not as simple as men or women can feel more or less pain then the other gender. And these polls and stuff are hardly ever accurate in my experiance.

    • Well yeah, I agree. I don't know if you read my earlier comments towards people who said the same thing, but I phrased it in a "simple" way because my statistic project didn't allow me to risk forming any possible bias -- we were supposed to be general from the get-go. And basically, I just copied my results. I wasn't stating my opinion on the matter because like I said, it could possibly steer someone else's views to another direction.

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  • Depends on what you mean. I think in both cases, women handle it better in a sense, because of toxic gender roles causing men to be less willing to actually acknowledge their pain. Men are even more likely to ignore pain and refuse to go to the doctor about it, which is obviously a very bad way of handling it. That goes for emotional pain too. Men are far less willing to talk about their feelings than women are, which is also deeply unhealthy.

    Now, if we're considering being better at dealing with pain to mean who is better at holding it in, then probably men, for exactly the reasons that I just described. However, as I said, I really wouldn't consider that to be better, as it's honestly just unhealthy.

    • I see I see, but yeah. I couldn't be too specific for my stats project because of was supposed to be open for interpretation... If I went into details, it would steer some opinions towards the opposiye direction than the one that they'd instinctly choose... But you're reasoning makes complete sense

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  • I think it is not as simple as that - With physical pain I think once off pain a guy can take more but enduring constant pain I think a woman can take it better ( example childbirth ).
    Emotional pain is the reverse when at the moment of crisis a woman copes better because they handle it better by expressing themselves more openly wheras a man will keep it inside and probably handle it over the medium term which may in the long term may not be good.

    • I think the thing with emotional pain goes for physical pain too though. It's been shown that men are more reticent to go to the doctor about pain, which can cause health issues in the long run. So I really wouldn't consider just enduring pain without caring about it to be necessarily better.

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    • Yeah, that's true too. Basically it's just about societal gender roles being all around shitty. Luckily they are kind of fading out, thus why younger men are doing better with stuff like this, but they sure ain't completely vanished yet.

    • Yeah, I agree-- especially for it not being simple. The thing about the stats project though, is that we're not supposed to go into detail bc it was open to interpretation; allowing the reader to see a more broad perspective as well as making the proposal completely neutral. And yeah, like I said earlier too, childbirth was a primary example commonly used between the subjects

  • Physical goes to guys most def but emotional is different. It depends on how you look at it. But in my opinion guys handle it better short-term (adapt faster, don't overreact n stuff), but girls handle it better long-term (don't keep it inside, sort it out through talking and crying (which helps but guys don't know that mostly))

    • I think what you said applies to physical pain too. After all, men tend to keep that in more too, and that can be just as dangerous in the long run.

  • i think guys can´t handle emotional pain well... they use supression or repression in most cases, which is inferior to expressing emotions. also: it´s proven that girls are more susceptible to physical pain.

  • It all depends on the individual ofcourse, though I do think primal man was supposed to handle more physical pain while women were supposed to provide nurture/emotional support...

  • not gender specific..

    • And there's always that one person who doesn't bother reading the details thoroughly.

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