Why had these kinds of questions increased on gag lately? Does anyone not have any common sense anymore when on the web?

Questions like "rate this girl", "how do they look", " who is hotter?", "who has the biggest breasts?"

Seriously the last one just gets my blood boiling and I want to tell the girls that some creep is asking the Internet about their boobs. Some lowlife of a creep.

Questions where someone asks about someone else's looks. Or I suppose it is someone else since no where in the question or comments do they mention that it's them.

Don't they know it's a violation of privacy and basic human decency to do such a thing without the person in the photo's permission? Are some people on GAG just THAT FUCKING STUPID? Or is it always the same cowardly and pathetic anonymous "male" all the time?


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  • It's a well-known fact that given enough time with people, all things turn to shit.

    Even the things that started off with the best of intentions eventually spiral downwards because people take them and use them for purposes that they weren't intended for.


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  • Yes I would support a ban on third party questions in the How Do I Look topic.

  • Some people just don't care.

  • Honestly, I think there are users on every forum that ask nothing but those sorts of questions... and the reason why the "how do I look" category got created was to at least have them in a separate category.
    So that people who follow subjects can chose not to follow that one.
    But we're all getting annoyed by it. Though people who came in from other sites reported that it's generally better on GAG than elsewhere :D

    • I don't give a flying fuck if they ask about themselves. I find myself wanting to slap the poster if they're posting pics of someone else, asking the interest to rate or objectify the person in the picture without their permission. Probably for the scumbag's amusement

    • Yeah agree... and the question is if most are doing it for fun or if they know the person they're posting pics of :o
      As with all anonymous posts, since it's anonymous people can put on their balaclava and apart from hiding the post there's not much preventative action possible :-(
      We share the same frustration :-( :-(

  • Lackin ego be boostin like my trizeps

  • Posting pics of other people is rather distasteful in my opinion, that anonymous "male" posting those isn't me! ;-)

  • Well, I do find these questions stupid, but aren't people free to post what they want as long as it's not offensive?

    • No, people aren't free to post whatever they want. They also can't post spams, attacks on other members, and I feel like a post about other people's pictures should also be a reason to be reported

    • The official GaG rules don't list the use of other ppl's photos as a violation, so therefore reporting these questions would be useless. The only way that is a violation is under "member post" of the picture is of a GaG user.

      "violation of rules " and "bad taste" are not the same. There are MANY things people do in bad taste that aren't breaking official rules, so we deal the best we can.

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