Alright GaGers. You're starving and thristy wandering in the desert. You come across a box that looks like it might have some food. U open it and?

It does! but it has some of the most unbearable nastiest foods on earth. a package of century eggs, A package of stinky tofu,
a bag of stinkheads, and a bottle of mouse wine. Now you can either eat and drink, or try to tough it out. You passed a sign that says the next town is 200 miles away. What do you do?

  • Dig in eat and drink.
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  • Tough it out and hope not to die before i reach the town
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  • WTF is wrong with you? lol!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd try to eat the Inuit thing, but mouse fetuses? NO. FUCKING. WAY.

    • LOL okay.

    • You're so fucking sick. The mere thought makes me want to vomit.

    • Think hard about it

Most Helpful Guy

  • When you are genuinely starving or thirsty, you'll eat and drink whatever you can lay your hands on.

    I'm not sure whether mice wine will be rehydrating or not - alcohol generally isn't. Plus, 200 miles, walking, in a desert? You're going to die.

    • Lol I know that's why I don't understand the people who said they would tough it out. So which option would you take?

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    • @ConfusedGrocer Easy for you to say, from a position of comfort as opposed to being in a survival situation. People get desperate.

    • lol okay.

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  • I guess I'm fucked.


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