How do you send pics to other gagers through private messaging?


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  • 1.) You are currently an xper 1. To PM people, you need to be at least a level 2.
    2.) To get to level 2, you need 150 xper. You have 10 now. To figure out ways to get xper, check
    3.) There is no way to send a direct picture to someone via PM as of now.
    4.) To send a pic, you have to upload it to imgur or tinypic or some photo uploading site. Then take the link of the pic and send that via PM.

    So you know, unsolicited dick picks will most likely earn you a block and maybe report from whoever you send them to. They're not cool. Most people don't like them. I'm not saying that you would do something like that, but it is just a so-you-know kind of thing.


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  • You find the picture you want to send
    then you copy the url and paste it here.

    Why.. found something funny? ^.^

  • I think if you just paste link it should do it but it won't open up until other user opens it

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