Will connecting to Facebook post my stuff there?

I really would rather not have my shit from here ending up on Facebook. What's the point of connecting with Facebook anyway, besides the XPER?


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  • i realised that even if u dont have Facebook at all ur stuff is still posted there, which I freaking HATE.

    • Waaait what our stuffs are posted on fb as well? :o

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    • no not on yours... i mean on the GaG page. @prof_don

    • thanks mate!

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  • I like GaG on Facebook. I regularly check my feed once a day (Im an active Facebook user ) and I never see my stuff here on GaG posted there.

    Then again, I don't sign in to GaG using Facebook. I use my email.


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  • I did not know our stuff ended up on FB - I am generally careful about what I say so I think I would be okay.