Do you think Gag should better organize mytakes?

If you have a one digit number amount of mytakes or none at all, you may not see where I am coming from.
As someone that has 33 I think it's a good idea to further separate those mytakes into folders based on the category topic you selected them to be (when you first wrote them).
For example - Someone has five (relationship mytakes) , six (other mytakes), twelve (sexual behavior mytakes).
Instead having them being in a long list... subdivide them into categories/sections so topics of interest are easier to find for members looking through a person's mytakes in their profile.

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  • Yeah, absolutely. They don't 'work' because they are mixed in with everything else here, which is very much a 'what's being discussed today' website and if it's not a live conversation it drops into obscurity.

    They need a library by topic with some kind of upvoting to push better mytakes to the top of their sections, it -might- work. Not even sure it would.

    • I like this idea that you and @GirlScout mentioned however I can see this idea being faulty. Gag is already a popularity contest where people get mho they don't deserve all because they have great relationships with other members. I can see mytakes that aren't great surfacing to the top only because that member has a huge fan base.

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    • Yes. @GirlsScout I have written mytakes on deep topics and have referred my own takes just to answer someones questions. Sometimes a 1000 word character limit isn't enough for what I want to express , to a person in their answer so I link them to what I have written.
      The section that you speak of would be a bonus feature.

    • @GirlScout

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  • Yes, I think that is a good idea. I also think we should have "Pinned" myTakes voted for by the community, takes that are factual and helpful so we can point others in the right direction. A myTakes top voted takes or something. A library of information for us to browse and refer to.


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  • That makes a lot of sense to me - The whole of a person's work could be categorised as well (Takes, Questions, Opinions etc ) - I think trying to find stuff in a person's library is tough unless it is very recent - I saw someone suggest a search particular to each profile.

  • sure. id be fine with that

  • I think that's a great idea.


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