How does one go about increasing their MHO percentage at this level?

It seems like many people don't pick it or often times the one that gets picked isn't really the best (which is to be expected).

So how do some people have very high MHO percentages?

And is it possible for me to substantially prove mine as a Level 8 with over 1,000 opinions and still at 8%. :(


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  • It really just takes a lot of dedication and time! I've been on here for 4 years and through time it just happened. You really need to focus on giving quality answers and going for questions that don't have any answers or a few answers. That sometimes requires reading through longer questions though as longer questions tend to get less replies. Don't just answer things that are easy either. Sometimes going into detail and typing a thorough answer can really pay off.


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  • When I was level 8, I also had 8 MHO% but look where I'm now.

    If you want to increase it,
    ●Don't post on the questions where MH is already selected.
    ●Be friendly. People tend to favour friends.
    ●Don't be anon, be known.
    ●Apparently, quantity>quality. If possible, post long answers.
    ●If you're sexy, put it on your profile pic.
    ●[Best one] Deserve the MHO. Be genuinely helpful. Be an astute, sagacious and witty person.

    Good luck fella :)

    • Thank you. Yeah, I think some of it is about being known which will increase naturally with more XPER (as long as one usually posts un-anonymously, which I do).

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    • Thanks fella :)

      You gave me MH, Bonus trick for you :- Go to 'No opinion' questions, try to answer 'em. Being the lone adviser, you'll increase your chances!

    • Yeah, I thought about that.

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  • - Find questions with few answers.
    - Post more than a couple lines.
    - Proper grammar and good formatting helps.
    - Don't answer questions that already have a lot of answers to them.

    That's really all I got. Understanding how to get your message across text is also important, but that has more to do with your personality than anything else, and I don't exactly have the advice to teach someone how to give good advice over the internet.

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