If you write 2 myTakes a day?

And each one of them gets promoted.

You can go from new member to GURU status in 200 days at maximum.

But that also means that over the course of those 200 days, you have to write 400 myTakes.


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  • Why would anyone do that? So much effort.
    I got to Guru status in a bit less than 90 days just by simply chillin' and answering questions.

    • That's what I'm going to do. I spend a lot of time on here and do answer and ask a lot of questions and am pretty active, and still after a year and a half I'm not even half-way to GURU status. Well for some of those months, I was kind of slow, so...

      It only takes like 30 minutes to write a myTake, if you're efficient. So for about an hour a day, I can make quick and guaranteed progress.

      But that's just my prospective approach. Now I need to brainstorm like 200 myTake topics.


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    • lol I am momentarily.

      But come on. Look who's talking. :)

    • I have already started on my sets by the way. lol

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  • I think answering 50 questions is easier than writing a My Take - The hardest part of a Take is thinking what to write about - Just be reasonably active and you should get your 100 Xper a day.

    • Yep, that's why I'm going for 100 opinions a day instead.

    • Thanks for MHG - Don't burn yourself out, easy to do - Better to just enjoy site

    • I'm actually enjoying it. My plan is to do a 100 sets of 100 opinions, one set a day. If I get 100 XPER per day, I'll be GURU on December 24, 2015, I calculated. However, that's shortsighted because on so many questions, I'm getting an extra point from upvotes from askers, the question being featured, and a few MHO's. I also ask questions, etc. So really, I should expect to be GURU sometime by early December (right now I am less than 100 points short of Level 9).

      This will also get me spots on the leader-board. lol

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  • so whats your question?

    • There is none. I was just presenting an idea.

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  • Wow those r some quality my takes! How would ya do it?

    • The hardest part is going to be thinking of around 150-200 myTake topics to write about. lol

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    • And what if NONE of them get promoted?

    • That won't be as much of a problem. Usually, if it's half-decent, it will. I see shitty myTakes getting promoted all the time. And once you become an Editor, your myTakes get promoted instantly.

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