Why do people ask, "What's your question?" when you are just "asking a question" to pose a quick statement?

Sometimes, we just want to pose a quick statement that doesn't necessitate a full myTake, so we're forced to use the question format to do it.

Then you get some people that are like, "So what's your question?"

Isn't it obvious that he or she wasn't asking a question and just wanted to pose an idea?

Or GAG needs to add a quick statement format as well. But that can be sketchy in its own ways, so I don't know.


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  • Way around it - " Should GaG allow you to ask questions in the form of statements - Discuss?" and if it asks you for details "As above"


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  • Because it is annoying, if you want to state something there's that thing in your profile where you can write something by your cover.


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  • Sone people do not know how to state the problem they are having.

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