Why is there so much spam?

What do people hope to get from spamming questions? I mean the trolling kind of questions especially. Those who make you really think about giving a good answer and then the asker will suddenly reply with the same odd line to every single comment. Which tells you immediately that the whole question was fake to begin with and you just wasted your time. Why?

And is there a way to notice such troll questions beforehand? I guess there isn't since so many people always give their opinions. But if you have some general tips I'd appreciate it. It's really a big motivation loss for me replying to such questions.


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  • Early on in my GaG career I said to myself "I am answering these questions for me noone else" so ifI walk away from a GaG session happy with my answers then I am content. Then a bonus system comes in an asker or another user appreciates my answer or gives an informative reply maybe leading to a nice chat. By the time you go through all that you don't have time to notice a seemingly spam questioner.

    • That's probably one way to look at it. Thanks for your answer :) Still trying to figure out what their motivation is though, it's not like you get money for it, do you?

    • No value to it at all - If it was short answers to questions I would say for Xper - Only thing I can think of is to get a look at peoples profiles but you can do that by reading other question - You sometimes see males trying to start conversations with female responders, all pretty creepy

    • Yeah I haven't figured out that Xper system yet or what it is good for. I really don't care. But thanks again!